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Our differentiators are innovation, capability, flexible engagement models and on-time delivery. We believe in the above - that is our strength.

Our culture of Innovation and product thinking!

We believe in innovation and product culture where software development does not mean merely producing the software according to the specification, but it is all about adding value through understanding the customer's business, their needs and delivering the software product which is 'fit for purpose'.

Hands on involvement by experienced leadership

We are a result focused organisation and we believe that the biggest difference between success and failure is an ever-present management. Hence the necessary focus on innovation and delivery makes for a "hands on" leadership style to achieve the best results.

Leading edge technology expertise and superior architectural thinking

We take pride in our ability to provide solutions based on superior architecture and leading edge technology to give our customers the competitive advantage.

A trusted R&D partner for our customers

We understand the agile nature of the business and hence the need to have flexibility on the capabilities and capacity of the R&D unit. Our business model will enable you to have the flexibility and to meet the unexpected demands without losing the opportunities.

Specialist domain expertise in healthcare, hi-tech and financial services

We lay strong emphasis on in-depth subject matter knowledge. To ensure effective service to our customers, we make it mandatory for our software professionals to undergo a level of industry education. We also actively encourage our teams to complete industry compliance certifications offered by some of the best institutions in the world.

Connecting with the customer

The best value added solutions to improve the productivity and profitability can be delivered only when we understand the customers' strategy and business requirements sufficiently well. We have carefully designed our customer engagement model to make sure that we are closely connected to the customer always.

Track record of successful offshore product delivery

The management team behind Zanec has successfully executed 3rd wave outsourced product development model since 2001, using right mix of on-shore and off-shore delivery model for over seven years. We count on our extensive experience and learning to deliver better and faster.

Unique business model of sharing R&D risk and reward

We firmly believe in our strengths and hence the difference we can make to the customer. Our confidence reflects on sharing the risk and reward with the customer. This is a win-win business model for us and our customers!