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Our specialist services, unique partnership model, management expertise will help you realize comprehensive benefits:

Leading edge innovative solutions

The technology landscape is changing and the new platforms and technologies are making possible powerful new features. We have deep understanding of the emerging technologies and how they can be usefully incorporated into solutions. Our customers will benefit from our expertise by having a high performance and scalable solution that has better functionality and usability, thereby getting better return on investment. Our technology team assures you to keep your solution ahead of the competition.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

We help our customers reduce their total R&D costs through our on-shore, off-shore model. The efficiency and productivity of the off-shore team is complemented by our on-shore team, close to the customers' business. The optimized model that we have designed reduces Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) up to 35%!

On-time Delivery

On-time delivery is a crucial objective for any software product development. Any slippage in the delivery date will directly increase the TCO. Our process of estimation, planning, periodic review and close management guarantees the predictable date of delivery.

Guaranteed IP protection

In today's competitive global business environment, safeguarding one's IPRs is very essential. We have designed and implemented a bullet proof strategy to protect your intellectual property based on our past experience. This strategy was well demonstrated for over seven years as part of a product development centre.

Total Quality

Our focus on quality policy and process is to ensure that we deliver 'Customer Satisfaction' by making our software 'fit for purpose'. Our development methodology and the complementary engagement model will ensure better specification, defect free software and end customer acceptance.

High Flexibility

Our virtual R&D model gives lot of flexibility to scale up the manpower during peak periods and scale down, if required. This flexibility directly contributes to lowering the TCO with no worries and overhead on recruiting and training. We constitute standby teams, reserve team leads and architects from as early as the proposal stage.